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Liebherr LTM 1055-3.2

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Liebherr LTM 1055/3.2

Liebherr is a crane company that has been manufacturing cranes for over fifty years. This company does not compromise on quality. We can see that by looking at this magnificent crane. The crane has the power to lift 55 tons of weight which is normal for a mobile crane. Its main boom length is 40 meters. It has also 16 meters of a jıb on ıt. The crane is a 6x6x6 vehicle.

If you want to learn more details about the crane, you can look at the brochure that we have prepared for you. You can also get more knowledge by calling our customer service. The crane is currently located in Europe but we deliver your purchased crane anywhere you want. If you want to talk about the purchasing process, you can mail us or you can call the numbers in the contact us section. Please do not hesitate to call us.

€285 000
Crane Type Mobile Cranes
Make Liebherr
Model LTM 1055-3.2
Year 2013
Lifting capacity 55T
Main Boom Length 40m
Jib -
Hours 6053
Hours Carrier 3735
Mileage 98450
Winches 1wi
Hooks 3-sheaves, 1-sheave
Location Europe
Drive 6x6